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Artist Profile

Carter Barnard

Biography :

The legacy of creativity and evolving body of artwork from this very vital and young-at-heart artist, began 81 years ago in Kansas; from winning numerous county fair and other local art competitions to an international art competition sponsored by Ralston Purina. Carter's roots in the heartland have given him an astute vision and perspective of the world and his surroundings that have served him well into adulthood in careers in commercial art, interior design & home furnishings sales, and as a fine artist in his semi-retirement.
Venturing to Colorado in 1955 to attend the Colorado Institute of Art; it was not long until Carter established himself as a national award-winning advertising artist, through his work with Homestead House Fine Furnishings, producing their commercial illustration and copy for 23 years. Until his retirement from the furniture and design fields in 2000, he worked with many fine design studios and furniture retailers, with memberships in AID and NSID, which later became ASID.
With more time on his hands and a strong zest for life; his retirement has given him time to devote to his passions; automobiles, motorcycling, building model aircraft, gardening, and fine art. While adept in virtually any medium, Carter prefers painting in acrylic and oils, which best suits his varied subject matter and attention to detail, including his first love; wildlife, but also motor craft, and most recently, garden scenes.
His appreciation of nature and wildlife has inspired him to create and donate art for a non-profit, conservation charity auction in Colorado. His work has been sought by many collections of individuals and has been commissioned locally and nationally.

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